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Known typos/bugs

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Bug location What is broken Status
Online version, section 4.10 Displayed as a subsection of 4.9, missing in the table of contents of chapter 4
Online version, subsection 6.3.1 Intro to section 6.3 - currently missing
Subsection (pdf p.189, also online) The phrase "first the function f was evaluated, and then the value of a was substituted" - is imprecise. It is better to say "a has been substituted in unevaluated form, then applicable rewrite rules associated with function f applied, after which the standard evaluation process of the resulting (rewritten) expression proceeded." - Thanks to Daniel (dh).
pp 395-396, pdf version Some parts of text lost/superimposed on each other. Thanks to Virgil Stokes
Subsection (p 64 in pdf version) "extract first element" should be "extract third element". Thanks to Serych Jacub


None so far